5 Best Home Warranty Companies, Protect Your Assets Now!

Looking for the best home warranty Companies? Here is the best of the best company you can choose! As a homeowner, one of your greatest responsibilities is ensuring that your home – your greatest asset – remains in top-notch condition.

While regular maintenance and care are crucial, there will inevitably come a time when your home systems and appliances need significant repairs or replacements.

This is where home warranty companies come into play, offering you coverage that brings peace of mind and financial security.

In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at the top 5 home warranty companies that are leading the industry in 2023, delivering exceptional services to protect your assets, and ensuring your home remains the sanctuary you’ve worked hard to build.

It’s not just about protection, it’s about peace of mind. Don’t wait for disaster to strike; safeguard your investment today!

5 Best Home Warranty Companies and The Reason!

So how can you separate the good home warranty companies from the not-so-great ones? We pored over dozens of service contracts and features in an effort to identify the top home warranty companies that offer the best possible value to homeowners.

1. American Home Shield: Tailored Protection for Every Home

American Home Shield: Best Home Warranty Companies

The first Home Warranty Companies is Amerian Home Shield! Delving into the realm of home warranty services, one cannot bypass the monumental presence of American Home Shield.

Carving out its niche with an array of bespoke plans and a variety of unique add-ons, this company offers a perfect blend of broad coverage and customization that appeals to homeowners across the board.

What makes American Home Shield a standout choice is its wide-ranging, atypical coverage offerings. From protection against code and permit violations to home electronics coverage and complimentary HVAC tune-ups throughout the plan’s lifespan, American Home Shield not only covers your home but also goes a step further.

The Advantages: A Customized Shield The allure of American Home Shield lies in its high level of adaptability.

As the largest home warranty service provider nationwide, it caters to individual homeowner needs through its highly customizable plans, flexible terms, and unique option to choose your own contractor – a rare offering in this industry.

The Drawbacks: Room for Improvement On the flip side, American Home Shield’s repair warranty only extends for 30 days, a shorter duration than some competitors offer. The absence of an annual premium payment discount and slightly higher trade service fees may be noteworthy for cost-conscious homeowners.

Key Features at a Glance: Service Fees: Between $100 and $125 Availability: Covers 49 states (Alaska being the exception) Response Time: Rapid 48-hour window BBB Rating: Respectable B

Established over half a century ago, American Home Shield, colloquially known as AHS, has the distinction of being the first home warranty company in the US. This experience is reflected in its robust customer base of over 2 million homeowners across 49 states.

The 30-day guaranteed repair feature and service fees ranging from $100 to $125 define the operational ethos of AHS. The company typically assigns a technician from their network to handle your claim but, in certain scenarios, allows you the freedom to select a contractor of your preference.

The AHS portfolio consists of three primary plans: ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum, with basic coverage starting at a competitive $39.99 per month. The opportunity to augment these plans with add-ons such as roof leak coverage, home electronics protection, and safeguards for code violations or improperly installed systems makes American Home Shield a compelling choice for tailored home warranty protection.

2. American Residential Warranty: Delivering Value through Low Service Fees

American Residential Warranty: Delivering Value through Low Service Fees

Taking center stage for offering competitive service fees in the home warranty industry, American Residential Warranty stands out as an appealing option for homeowners keen on minimizing costs.

With a fixed, lower-than-average trade service call fee and a distinctive offering of some plans with no deductible or service fee, American Residential Warranty competes head-on with the industry’s giants.

What catapults American Residential Warranty to a preferred choice is its flexible service plan. There’s no need for a long-term commitment; homeowners can opt for convenient month-to-month services while enjoying coverage across all 50 states.

The Advantages: A Low-Cost Leader American Residential Warranty is the go-to for low service fees, a feature that significantly sets it apart. It expands its reach to all 50 states and also grants homeowners the privilege of choosing their own contractors, an uncommon advantage in the industry. The company’s sterling consumer ratings further undermine its credibility.

The Drawbacks: Scope for Enhancement One caveat to note with American Residential Warranty is the lower coverage caps for home appliances. Furthermore, in this digital age, the absence of online claims submission might be an inconvenience as all claims must be lodged via phone.

Key Features at a Glance: Service Fees: Just $55 Availability: Nationwide coverage in all 50 states Response Time: 48 hours, accelerated to 24 hours for emergencies BBB Rating: Outstanding A+

American Residential Warranty (ARW) carves its spot on our list with a multitude of appealing features, including its nationwide availability, a unique flat-rate service fee that undercuts many competitors, and an impressive A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Adding to its charm, ARW offers homeowners the liberty to choose their own contractors, provided the chosen contractor obtains prior authorization for any repairs. In addition, ARW has an extensive network of technicians to fall back on if required.

ARW provides four diverse coverage plans that can be upgraded to protect against code violations, improper installations, permit issues, and prior home modifications. However, bear in mind that all claims must be filed via phone as the online submission feature is not available. The flexibility, coupled with low service fees, make American Residential Warranty a compelling choice for homeowners on the lookout for a cost-effective home warranty solution.

3. Liberty Home Guard: Customization at its Finest

Liberty Home Guard: Customization at its Finest

In a world where individual needs are as diverse as the homes they live in, Liberty Home Guard shines by offering an unparalleled level of policy customization. With over 35 add-on options available, ranging from gutter cleaning and pest control to lawn sprinkler and reverse osmosis system coverage, Liberty Home Guard stands as the pinnacle of customization in the home warranty landscape.

The Advantages: The Power of Choice The allure of Liberty Home Guard lies in the breadth of its add-on options. No other home warranty provider offers a menu as diverse. Add to this their solid consumer reviews and impressive BBB rating, and Liberty Home Guard positions itself as a top contender in the industry.

The Drawbacks: Limitations to Consider While Liberty Home Guard excels in customization, it comes with certain caveats. Homeowners should be aware of the comparatively low payout limits and note that the company’s services are not available in all states.

Key Features at a Glance: Service Fees: Range between $65 and $125 Availability: Services 48 states (excluding Washington and Wisconsin) Response Time: Swift 24 to 48-hour turnaround BBB Rating: Strong A

Liberty Home Guard presents a choice of three different protection plans, each complemented by an extensive array of optional add-ons – think everything from a simple rekeying service to wine fridge protection. Within 24 to 48 hours of filing a claim, a technician from Liberty’s network is typically dispatched to the homeowner’s aid.

Service fees vary from $65 to $125, and homeowners can rest easy with the peace of mind offered by a 60-day workmanship guarantee. Coverage generally begins following a waiting period of 30 to 60 days, depending on the chosen plan, although new homebuyers might have the opportunity to activate their coverage on the day of closing.

Tailored to suit the unique needs of homeowners, Liberty Home Guard’s exceptional customization options make it a standout choice for those seeking a personalized home warranty experience.

4. First American Home Warranty: Your Go-To for Appliance Replacement

First American Home Warranty: Your Go-To for Appliance Replacement

When it comes to robust appliance coverage, First American Home Warranty takes the crown. With impressive spending caps and superior appliance replacement coverage, it’s a frontrunner in the home warranty industry.

Pros and Cons: Quick Glance On the upside, it offers comprehensive, budget-friendly coverage, and notably, some items have no spending caps on repairs or replacements. The downside, however, is the limited availability – services extend to only 35 states, and the Basic plan excludes coverage for electrical systems and roof leaks.

Snapshot of Features: Service Fees: $75, $100, or $125 Availability: 35 states Response Time: Prompt 24-48 hours BBB Rating: Solid B

First American Home Warranty provides two comprehensive plans: The Basic plan, ensuring coverage for well-maintained appliances regardless of age, and the Premier plan, a blend of appliance and systems coverage including electrical, plumbing, heating, and ductwork. It further offers add-ons for central A/C, pool and spa, well pump, septic tank pumping system, and HVAC tune-up, with costs ranging between $2 and $17.

Noteworthy is First American’s $3,500 spending cap on repair or replacement costs, while items like washers/dryers, hot water heaters, furnaces, and air conditioners enjoy unlimited spending limits. If repairs are impossible, the company replaces covered appliances with newer, comparable models, handling both delivery and installation.

While affordable for many US regions, plan prices vary and can be higher for midwestern states like Ohio and Missouri. Remember, coverage is available only in 35 states. Nevertheless, for robust appliance coverage, First American Home Warranty stands as an excellent choice.

5. Old Republic Home Protection: Stellar Customer Service that Shines

Old Republic Home Protection (ORHP) stands out with its exceptional customer service. Available around the clock, every day of the year, the friendly and helpful agents at ORHP are just a phone call away.

Pros vs. Cons: What You Need to Know ORHP’s strength lies in its comprehensive, flexible plans and clear, easily accessible plan information and pricing. On the flip side, coverage is limited to only 28 states and Washington D.C.

Key Features: Service Fees: A reasonable $85 Availability: Coverage in 28 states and Washington D.C. Response Time: Swift 24-hour service BBB Rating: Impressive A+

One aspect that makes ORHP unique is its transparent pricing information. Unlike many competitors that require personal details before sharing pricing, ORHP provides detailed plan descriptions and pricing in easily downloadable brochures on their website.

ORHP boasts a choice of five flexible plans, with prices ranging from $450 to $820 for a single-family home. For those looking to further personalize their plans, an array of add-ons are available, such as an HVAC tune-up for $25, swimming pool coverage for $180, and solar water systems for $250.

You have the option to choose between one or two-year plans and can select a contractor from ORHP’s network or use an approved outside contractor. However, there are a few limitations: the plans are only available in 28 states and Washington D.C., and the initial contract requires a lump sum payment. Yet, at your first renewal, you have the option to pay in three-month installments, 12-month installments, or in full. Keep in mind that any add-ons must be added within the first 60 days, after which you’ll be locked in.

Overall, if exceptional customer service and customizable plans are your priority, Old Republic Home Protection makes for an excellent choice.


In conclusion, selecting the best home warranty companies ultimately hinges on your unique needs and circumstances. Each of these companies excels in its own way:

  1. American Home Shield is the ideal choice for those seeking flexibility and a high degree of customization, backed by a wealth of experience in the industry.
  2. American Residential Warranty stands out with its low, flat-rate service fees and excellent consumer ratings, making it a strong contender for budget-conscious homeowners.
  3. Liberty Home Guard is a stellar choice for those seeking personalized coverage, with a vast array of add-on options that surpasses any other provider in the market.
  4. First American Home Warranty shines when it comes to comprehensive appliance coverage, with high spending caps and impressive replacement policies.
  5. Lastly, Old Republic Home Protection distinguishes itself with stellar customer service and transparent, easily accessible pricing and plan information.

Each of these companies is top-tier in the home warranty sector, with distinctive strengths that cater to a diverse range of homeowner requirements. Evaluate your personal needs, preferences, and budget to make an informed decision that provides you with optimal protection for your home.

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